Omar Sayeed Iqbal

On May the 25th 2023, our beautiful, big hearted son, Omar Sayeed Iqbal, took his own life, aged 21. With no known history of mental health struggles, Omar was living joyfully at university. He was surrounded by a huge community of loving friends and belonged to a family he adored.

Since his death, we have discovered just how far reaching Omar's impact was, and continues to be. We have learnt about his infectious optimism and enthusiasm for life, his extraordinary gift for empathy and kindness, his keen sense of social justice and his ability to make meaningful human connections across the globe. More people than we could have imagined, have reached out to express profound feelings of loss. The impact of this loss and the incredible interconnectedness of beauty, love and grief that has followed his death, is The Omar Effect.

This site will be a way to capture and preserve the spirit of Omar and his impact. A place for all to share their connection to Omar and hear about him from the countless people whose lives he touched. To learn more about this remarkable young man, who had the soul of an artist, the heart of an empath and a brilliant mind. Here we hope to find comfort and give voice to our collective grief. Although we say he took his life, it is also true that he gave his life, with love to others. This is The Omar Effect.

Omar might still be with us if only he had reached out for help. We want his legacy to be that other young men like him, can be supported to open up about their hidden anguish, before it is too late.

We hope that this is a good place to begin...

Farah and Rashid x

Since Omar's death, we have been supporting James' Place, a charity offering free, life saving treatment for men in suicidal crisis. Omar’s friend Jon, ran a marathon in his memory. He is continuing to raise an incredible amount of money for James' Place. If you'd like to find out more or donate, please see below.